I have drawn a circular Wood Element composition with tree branches  and a wood cut through, showing its annual growth rings. Counting the  growth rings of a tree is a way to tell how old a tree is. This tree is  old, the branches are ageless, as we don’t see their rings but we do see  how beautiful they are. 


Feng Shui’s Wood element symbolizes new beginnings, new relations,  new family, wealth and the energy of a growing tree. As trees are strong  and support our houses, ships, shelters, bridges and furniture, wood  provides us strength, vitality and support. Feng Shui’s wood element is  shown in thisdrawing as vertical columns of beautiful, rustic branches  as well as a cut through to show a healthy and old tree. This drawing is  done with brown and greenish colours as Feng Shui’s wood element has  the colour green. 

This drawing isn’t made of wood; but its paper is, its pencils are  and you can give this art print of a pencil drawing a pretty, wooden  frame. Place it near something botanical, something growing upwards,  like a strong and big house plant and you have a lovely wood element  added to your home decor. Built a nice wood element setting with wood,  with botany and with art, exactly in a way that makes you celebrate  wood. Don’t pay too much attention to guide lines, in the end Feng Shui  is about your relation with your environment. You combine everything  that represents wood in Feng Shui and in your life; combining it through using your creative ideas and love for art, nature and botany will make you happy. 

This print will be registered with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ at  Hahnemuhle Fine Art Registry. Hahnemulhe is a German based producer of  high quality art paper. This means this print is very high in quality  and the registry of your limited edition can be checked. Your  Certificate of Authenticity comes with an Artwork Protection Hologram  System (a gold coloured hologram sticker with a number). 

Paula Kuitenbrouwer Owner of http://www.mindfuldrawing.com