Have a look at my Sparrow Hawk art print with a Certificate of  Authenticity. This is how my framed print and Hahnemuhle Limited Edition  Certificate of Authenticity looks like. It is printed on watermark paper and it has a strong but  impossible to mess with golden coloured hologram sticker with a number  that is registred at My Art Registry of Hahnemuhle's official website. Hahnemuhle Art Registry 

Who  is Hahnemuhle? Hahnemuhle was founded in 1584 in Germany and is the  oldest German paper-makers manufacturing company. Hahnemuhle has, to my  opinion, the best paper for a variety of ambitions: for photos, prints  and certificates. Maybe it is because their premium coating of all  artists papers preserves their haptic exclusiveness and guarantees  long-lasting true-to detail prints hat meet the requirements of museums  and galleries (and mine!). Although I always warn buyers of my prints  not to put their prints in direct sunlight (something hardly any artwork  tolerates), I have done it on purpose, as a means of testing, and I  wasn't disappointed. Hahnemuhle's 400 years of tradition and experience has resulted in a world-wide reputation for unbeatable quality. 

Certificates  of Authenticity do cost time (printing and registration) and money.  They are about 4-5 Euros each.  I have included them in my prices  because I like Hahnemuhle's powerful measure in ensuring that the prints  I make and sell are mine. My prints are registered limited edition that  come with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity.  And when you visit  my Etsy shop or www.paulaartshop.com, you will notice that 99% of my  prints are  limited editions. Selling only 10 prints on each drawing or  painting that I offer, puts me under production pressure. But I prefer  that over being worried about copyright infringement. 

If you have questions, just ask me. For  now...enjoy November! Support your local artists, local charities and  local nature conservation in the running up to the December festivities  and never postpone taking a deep relaxing breath and a quick counting of  your blessings. Love, Paula