Blue ceramics are a thing in Ireland. Ireland's garden centres sell  deep-blue glazed pottery, both large and small. Together with cacti,  succulent plants and Killiney's beach stones, they make lovely miniature  rock or Zen gardens. Killiney beach, located near Ireland's capital, Dublin, has a  cobble stone beach. This beach is a delight for stone collectors.  Killiney beach has some of the oldest rocks in Ireland: large boulders  of Leinster granite and limestone are strewn all over. Small pebbles of a  distinctive micro-granite from Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde can  also be found. No wonder that I bring back home a good few of these  stones and show these beautifully decorative pebbles in my still lifes. There is something special about combining blue ceramics, that  represent the bluish ethereal colours of Ireland's coastal areas, with  the dull but decorative grey stones, and the slow growing succulents and  cacti. The stones are very old, the cacti and succulents grow slowly  and the blue pottery looks ageless, no matter. These miniature little  Zen or rock gardens look fresh and they hold your gaze for a while. 

Paula Kuitenbrouwer 

My art is for sale in my Etsy shop, individually and as a series.

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Irelands Treasures: Blue Ceramics, Succulents and Killiney Beach Stones