It is such a lovely and busy time of the year. Late in the evening,  we see an orange fox in our late autumn garden that is covered with  ocher coloured leaves. The colours of the garden and the fox match so  beautifully, for a moment I think there is nothing more pretty as the  scene of this orange fox visiting our ochre winter-garden. The shy, hungry fox checks out our bird feeding corner. Winter is coming and Fox  will eat anything, small bread crumbs or even seedy fat balls. Then there is this black-white magpie sitting in a white birch tree,  surrounded by a few yellow leaves. The magpie stands out so brightly  against the soft autumn colours. I think there is nothing more beautiful  than a late autumn garden with a black-white magpie. But I’m wrong.  When I arrive home and park our car in the drive way, I notice a wood  pigeon feeds itself rowan berries. The soft greyish-blue or the bird,  with its neat, white collar eating the deep pink berries makes me think  that this is the most beautiful autumn scene of our garden. I must run  for my sketchbook! For the orange fox, before he escapes me. For the  magpie, cheeky bird. For the rowan eating wood pigeon, eating away all  berries. Who cares about the winter being dull when autumn brings so  much inspiration? How about you? You also need a few extra hour per day to catch up  with all your ambitions, inspiration, gift hunting, home- and garden  work?


Paula Kuitenbrouwer