Sometimes I see  blog posts with ultra neat and organized artists  desks. They leave me wondering, these desks. My workplace looks so much  different. I love neatness and I do a good deal of home keeping. In  fact, I like it when our rooms are as organised as Ikea show rooms.  Neatness creates space and space is the best furniture. But when it  comes to my studio, well that is a place where I and my daughter work.  And work means creating and creating demands concentration; a focus on  one thing which can be a drawing, a text or framing. It demands a single  role: me as an artist, not me as a home-keeper. Studio keeping comes  after the work is done (although there are basic rules like never leave  an unfinished cookie in your studio, or do not store your quality  pencils on the ground). So, a neat desk for me? Certainly, but only for a  brief period after a good clean. 

Take care!